Protection for Wives: Restraining Order Injunctions

What can a wife do when her husband goes too far in practicing domestic violence? It is not easy to protect yourself from bad circumstances caused by an angry spouse but the law can help through a restraining order injunction.

temrestraining order

It is also called as an injunction against domestic violence. It is a court order that prevents the abuser from doing the same things to the abused and contacting her or coming near her. It can also move the abuser to take necessary steps such as leaving their shared residence and paying child support. It can also give the abused sole custody of her children.

This restraining order can help in more ways that those already mentioned. It will provide peace of mind to the abused because one would feel better knowing that the law is ready for backup. It also provides safety for the people around the abuser. They would be able to live a normal life without the threat of another act of violence. The children will be away from traumatic scenes as well.

When is a restraining order injunction given?

 The suspected abuser has to appear for a trial so that his side could be heard. He could present any evidence or witnesses to prove the claims are wrong. If he is proven guilty after a series of trial, a permanent restraining order injunction may be decided. If he does not appear when summoned by the court, it is as good as agreeing to the restraining order.

What if someone violates the injunction?

 The best thing to do is call the police. A violation of the injunction is a violation of the law. Just make sure you have a hard copy of the document and you are good to go. When the cops arrive, show them the document and tell them in detail everything that happened. You may also ask them to arrest the abuser.

 You may also have a sworn affidavit and an injunction report filed if the person does not get arrested even after you have called the police. The restraining order is valid no matter where you go so you should not worry about it even if you move to another location. If you want to be safer, you may call a domestic violence organization if you plan to move out of the state. Always make sure to bring the document wherever you go.

 Give copies of the injunction to people whom you are always with. Leave copies in your workplace, in your children’s school, in your home, and even in your vehicle. If possible, change your house’s lock, your phone number, and everything else that has something to do with your security.

domestic violenceDomestic violence is a major problem and should not be ignored. It is better to be protected. Once a restraining order is given, you are not only keeping yourself safe but also your children and all the members of your family and even your friends. If you do not feel too confident about filing it because of pity, keep in mind that keeping a person away from doing an illegal thing is also helping him.