Is DIY Divorce For You?

While it is tempting to have a do-it-yourself or DIY divorce, it is actually something that a spouse must undertake with much care. No one ties the knot and dreams that one day, they will be divorced. However, the fact remains that more or less half of all the marriages in the US end that way. Divorce could be a painful, extremely emotional experience for a lot of people and it is also a huge financial affair. It may take years to financially recover from a misguided divorce settlement. Long after the misery has gone, a lot of people have bills that they cannot pay.

There are many risks involved in divorce: emotions on one hand and finances on the other. Sadly, the outcome is often very poor judgement. At times, a spouse would just raise the white flag and give up and allow a spiteful partner to get the majority of their marital assets. In some cases, the couple refuse to settle and do not want to negotiate even with the smallest issue, and in the end they go through a long and expensive battle in court which can leave both of them close to bankruptcy.

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Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorcing without a lawyer could practically eliminate legal fees. However, before going through a DIY divorce, there are a lot of things to consider. Before even considering going forward with the procedure, a spouse should decide whether or not he or she would trust his or her former partner, and if he or she can be totally honest with the other. Divorce without a lawyer is a procedure built on trust above all.

Then, after the trust issues have been settled, both parties need to determine if they agree on all issues. If they are in the middle of an amicable dissolution of their marriage, ending up with a settlement on contentious matters would be more realistic.

Being Honest and Trusting One Another

If they trust one another and are willing to reach a settlement, then they can go through their divorce without a lawyer. On the issue of trust, the couple have to really believe in each other that they are both completely divulging all income and assets that either of them have. If their assets are relatively small or simple, this is another indication that a divorce without an attorney is for them because their assets will be a lot easier to split.

One more matter they have to resolve is the issue regarding custody of their children. In such cases wherein children are involved, it is advisable to consider talking to a legal professional to help them with their intended custody and support agreement.

A DIY divorce is actually not for everyone. However, if the couple is fortunate enough to be in a situation wherein both of them are willing to talk; still trust one another; and their issues with assets, income, and children are quite simple, then they can file the divorce by themselves and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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