How a Happy Marriage Affects your Health?

People do everything to get healthy. Exercise, supplements, medications, diet and relaxation have all been known as the ways to attain better health. It is a surprise for many that one of the most effective ways to get healthy is to have a happy marriage. For the past 35 years, researches have proven that married people are healthier than the unmarried ones. Experts believe that the effects of a happy marriage are very significant. One sociologist thinks that it has more benefits in comparison to giving up smoking.

Recent studies show that happily married men and women are:

•    More likely to have better physical and mental health
•    More likely to have a longer life
•    Can easily recover from illnesses
•    Take better care of themselves

Healthy Physically

Married individuals live longer because they tend to have better physical health. This does not only apply to minor diseases like colds, headaches, and flu, but also to serious health concerns, such as heart disease, cancer and heart attacks. Better physical health can also help them quickly recover from surgery.

Experts analyzing marital health in 17 different nations found out that married individuals are more likely to recognize symptoms, avoid dangerous behavior, eat a healthier diet, recover quicker and seek medical treatment.

One important reason why marriage has powerful health benefits is that married couples are fully aware of and are affected by their spouse’s decisions. In a sense, they have a significant vested interest in taking care of each other and promote healthy choices and behavior.

Men usually restrict themselves from several self-destructive patterns a year before the wedding date. Women tend to stop drinking, smoking, and taking risks unnecessarily. They are also keen on improving their family’s diet.

The emotional support that you get from your spouse can help you recover from both minor and major illnesses and help you deal with chronic diseases. Some research also discovered that marital relationships can boost the immune system, thus lowering your chances of getting sick.

Longer Life

The connection between marriage and decreased mortality has been established in several studies done in different cultures. As a result of being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, you are less likely to get sick and so you will have a longer life.

The health benefits that married individuals enjoy do not exist in other forms of intimate relationships. Singles with intimate relationships will not enjoy the same health benefits that married people enjoy. Cohabiting couples do not share the mechanisms that make a married individual live longer and healthier.

Cohabitation is negatively associated with both health and financial satisfaction. Studies reveal that cohabiters have poorer psychological well-being than married individuals, which suggests that the protection effects of marriage are not manifested to cohabitation.


The study is clear, consistent and diverse. Those who are married are more likely to live longer, are healthier both emotionally and physically and are happier. Keep in mind that these benefits can be enjoyed only by married people and not by cohabiting couples. Studies about how a happy marriage affects your health are conducted in different parts of the world to prove its claim.

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