Same Sex Marriage in Modern Times

According to Christian doctrine, on the sixth day of creation, the  Divine Creator made Adam, the first man, and from his rib came forth Eve, the first woman. They were entrusted to protect and nurture God’s creation, but a much greater task was given to them. God told them to reproduce and fill the earth and have dominion over all creation. From then on, man and woman were treated as two equal halves that become one in a sacred union to protect and propagate God’s gift of life. From then on, God decreed that man and woman alone shall be of one flesh and blood. Reproduction is people’s purpose in life as what most believe and therefore, many are opposed to a fruitless union of people of the same sex.


However, same sex marriage dates back to the ancient civilizations and its earliest records were from Rome. This practice did not stop there; it continued to the medieval era, and up until now in modern times, is raising dispute. In 2001, Netherlands became the very first country in the world to allow same sex marriage and was followed by Belgium in 2003; Spain and Canada in 2005; South Africa in 2006; Norway and Sweden in 2009; and Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina in 2010. This movement was followed by many other countries and now, there are still countries looking to impose this change.

Even then, debates from all over the world are still ongoing (and even growing) about this issue, not only in the judicial courts and in everyday life but also in cyberspace. It has drawn the concern and attention of many people all over the world — man and woman, young and old.

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community has long been appealing for their rights as individuals: to love and be loved, to accept and be accepted, and to live just like any other human being — free from oppression, discrimination, abuse, and violence. This community has been fighting for equality and acceptance for a long time now. The growing tension has given rise to movements and campaigns. Now, most of society have opened their hearts and minds to the LGBT community and they are being embraced and welcomed little by little by the people.

Ellen DeGeneres

Famous TV talk show host and American celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, one of the many people who support same sex marriage is a lesbian herself and is married to her long-time girlfriend, Portia de Rossi. She is one of the many examples of people who have openly and truthfully accepted and embraced her sexuality. Still, there are people who refuse to accept marriage equality, thinking that it will do no good for society and the youth. There are still people who refuse to acknowledge others’ beliefs and preferences, and persist in believing their own. There will be things that one may not be able to change in a snap, but hopefully, as time passes by, society will be more open to various individuals and there will come a time when everyone will accept each other for who they really are.