Avoiding Divorce

    Divorce is often referred to as a painful if not messy and expensive way to end marriage. It has a way of affecting not just the spouses but the children as well. It is caused by many different things. Oftentimes, discontent between couples may have been ignored for years, eventually building up and resulting to a decision to completely end the marriage

Taking identifiable actions means considering where you are in your marriage and how you got there. You may use this as an opportunity for growth and change rather to let it make the marriage spin out of control.

A37 3    First, it may sound otherwise but do not make any coercive actions especially arguments to browbeat your partner into staying in the marriage. This may go against your natural instinct during situations like this. However, doing so may push them farther away. Instead, try to understand and offer your presence for your partner and accept their reasons for needing to leave.

Secondly, be independent. Be active and do things that bring you joy, strength, and excitement. Stay healthy and have a positive outlook in life. It will radiate in you and you would look like it. Moreover, such positive outlook in life would also attract a positive atmosphere which once attracted your partner to you.

Third, do put your best in everything you do. Try to turn every opportunity into a challenge to make a good impression. Do not depend or even act as if your life is entirely on your spouse’s hand. Having this unhealthy sense of power in one party is not good for your relationship.

Fourth, do not allow yourself to be pulled into an argument with your partner. Acknowledge his or her feelings and the reason they feel the same. However, do not just concede to what they want. Each person sees things differently and there is nothing you can do about that. On the other hand, try to find opportunities where conversations would be on a more positive note.

Aside from those mentioned above, factors that may affect a relationship and the possibility of divorce may be the family income, concern for appearance and earnings, honeymoon and length of time dating. These factors are often causes of arguments and misunderstandings among couples. Therefore, it is important for the couple that they may give time and effort on self-improvement and understanding their family’s needs.

Put your heart into developing a game plan and sticking with. Never give up. Recapturing the romance and intimacy you thought you lost in your marriage is possible. Although both men and women have a different sense as to what romance is, it is possible for spouses to rekindle their relationship. There are many opportunities every day to make deposits into the Love Bank. Old memories may have faded, but new and better memories could replace them. Also, you may recapture the old memories you have. Think of the things that made you both happy; moments that reminded you why you started your relationship in the first place. And one by one, you can pull out the weeds in your relationship and start planting new seeds of happy memories.

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