When to Consider Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is the deliberate introduction of sperm into the uterus without sexual intercourse. It enables pregnancy through special assistive reproduction techniques. This is a bit costly and should be discussed by couples well before proceeding with the procedure. Several factors should be considered, and to help couples decide, we will be discussing some of those:


1.    Several fertility tests showed a problem with the quality and quantity of sperm. It is either the sperm count is low and or the sperm has poor motility which means that it can’t reach the egg cell in the fallopian tube. Although this is corrigible, there are instances when almost all resort to improve sperm count fail, it would be so frustrating to couples but no need to lose hope, artificial insemination could be considered.

2.    There are also instances when the female has a problem with lubrication; she would experience severe pain during intercourse. Hence, sexual intercourse could not be pushed through. If in case, after medical intervention, this problem is still persistent, another option for conception is artificial insemination.

3.    There are also cases when the male partner suffers from difficulty in ejaculating, or worse is he has a problem with developing an erection. Problems such as that would hinder reproduction, thus, artificial insemination could also be considered.

4.    There are also cases when the female partner has cervical mucus abnormalities. Cervical mucus nourishes the sperm and also serves as a medium for sperm to travel to the fallopian tube. Problems with the cervical mucus mean problem with conception.

5.    There are also certain unfortunate instances when the woman has an allergy to semen. In such cases, artificial insemination is highly recommended. In this procedure, the sperm cell is washed off and is introduced directly into the fallopian tube.

6.    Artificial insemination is also recommended in certain unexplained infertility cases.

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1.    Another consideration, is when either of the partners is infected with Venereal Diseases and blood and body fluids borne diseases like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Hepatitis. Infection could be transmitted through the exchange of body fluids during sexual intercourse. Therefore, conception is impossible. In instances like this, the couple could also consider artificial insemination.

2.    There are also other medical conditions that prevent reproduction

Though artificial insemination is recommended for couples with fertility and medical problems, some couples opted for this procedure because they choose to especially couples engaged in a same-sex relationship. However, another thing that should be put into consideration is the cost of the procedure. Although it is the cheapest reproductive assistive procedure, it is still a bit costly, and it doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent success rate. This is the initial resort when all measures to promote natural conception fail. The need to continuously take medications that could promote ovulation and boost the chance of pregnancy should also be considered. This entails commitment and lots of responsibility. Even though the risk in this procedure is very minimal, there is still a risk for multiple pregnancies, which may not be a bad thing at all.

Same Sex Marriage in Modern Times

According to Christian doctrine, on the sixth day of creation, the  Divine Creator made Adam, the first man, and from his rib came forth Eve, the first woman. They were entrusted to protect and nurture God’s creation, but a much greater task was given to them. God told them to reproduce and fill the earth and have dominion over all creation. From then on, man and woman were treated as two equal halves that become one in a sacred union to protect and propagate God’s gift of life. From then on, God decreed that man and woman alone shall be of one flesh and blood. Reproduction is people’s purpose in life as what most believe and therefore, many are opposed to a fruitless union of people of the same sex.


However, same sex marriage dates back to the ancient civilizations and its earliest records were from Rome. This practice did not stop there; it continued to the medieval era, and up until now in modern times, is raising dispute. In 2001, Netherlands became the very first country in the world to allow same sex marriage and was followed by Belgium in 2003; Spain and Canada in 2005; South Africa in 2006; Norway and Sweden in 2009; and Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina in 2010. This movement was followed by many other countries and now, there are still countries looking to impose this change.

Even then, debates from all over the world are still ongoing (and even growing) about this issue, not only in the judicial courts and in everyday life but also in cyberspace. It has drawn the concern and attention of many people all over the world — man and woman, young and old.

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community has long been appealing for their rights as individuals: to love and be loved, to accept and be accepted, and to live just like any other human being — free from oppression, discrimination, abuse, and violence. This community has been fighting for equality and acceptance for a long time now. The growing tension has given rise to movements and campaigns. Now, most of society have opened their hearts and minds to the LGBT community and they are being embraced and welcomed little by little by the people.

Ellen DeGeneres

Famous TV talk show host and American celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, one of the many people who support same sex marriage is a lesbian herself and is married to her long-time girlfriend, Portia de Rossi. She is one of the many examples of people who have openly and truthfully accepted and embraced her sexuality. Still, there are people who refuse to accept marriage equality, thinking that it will do no good for society and the youth. There are still people who refuse to acknowledge others’ beliefs and preferences, and persist in believing their own. There will be things that one may not be able to change in a snap, but hopefully, as time passes by, society will be more open to various individuals and there will come a time when everyone will accept each other for who they really are.

The Average Cost of Divorce

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage contract between a couple. It can be very pricey depending on what assets you want to protect, because if you have assets in your marriage that you want to keep, you can’t expect for an average cost of divorce. Divorce payments can be handled like payments in your household: It can be expensive if you need too much and it can be cheap if you don’t want anything at all.

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage contract between a couple. It can be very pricey depending on what assets you want to protect, because if you have assets in your marriage that you want to keep, you can’t expect for an average cost of divorce. Divorce payments can be handled like payments in your household: It can be expensive if you need too much and it can be cheap if you don’t want anything at all.

Cost of Divorce

Still, there are types of divorces that really cost less, which is for couples who have already agreed on what to have and only need a lawyer to sign the papers. In the United States, the average cost of divorce ranges from $15,000 to $20,000. Some even say getting divorced costs as much as getting married.

When getting a divorce, couples should expect fees such as:

  • The cost of the court meeting (which depends on which state you’re in)
  • The cost of the attorney (which also varies depending on the state)
  • Mediation costs
  • Parent education class fees

When rooting for a cheap divorce, a person can have problems depending on what property to protect. When it comes to the benefits, division of the properties, and child or spousal support, you will need to pay just to win. The average cost of divorce can depend on what type of divorce couples want to take. It can be:

  1. Divorce Court

When couples can’t reach an agreement on matters like the division of properties or child support, they can take let a divorce court make the decision for them. In this type of divorce, the couple will both hire an attorney that will argue for them in court. This type of divorce is expensive since you need to pay for the court hearings, attorneys, and filing fees. The attorney will be paid per hour and the lawyer’s fee, as mentioned previously, depends on what state you’re in.

  1. Mediation Divorce

This type of divorce is a good alternative for couples who do not want to have an expensive divorce. With this divorce method, the couple will hire a mediator, acting as a third party, who will help the couple to resolve any conflicts and help them reach a mutual agreement. This is to avoid having an attorney and going to court, which can save a lot of money. The couple will only need to pay the mediator for his or her services and the attorney who will sign the contract.

  1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Divorce

In this type of divorce, you will represent yourself in court without an attorney. The procedures are the same except you will be the one to sign any legal contracts. The only fees that you should pay are the court and filing fees.

  1. Collaborative Divorce

The couple will have two attorneys: a financial specialist for the divorce, and a child specialist if the couple has children. This method can be very expensive depending on the fees of the specialists but still less expensive than a litigated divorce since you don’t have to pay any court or filing fees..

Is DIY Divorce For You?

While it is tempting to have a do-it-yourself or DIY divorce, it is actually something that a spouse must undertake with much care. No one ties the knot and dreams that one day, they will be divorced. However, the fact remains that more or less half of all the marriages in the US end that way. Divorce could be a painful, extremely emotional experience for a lot of people and it is also a huge financial affair. It may take years to financially recover from a misguided divorce settlement. Long after the misery has gone, a lot of people have bills that they cannot pay.

There are many risks involved in divorce: emotions on one hand and finances on the other. Sadly, the outcome is often very poor judgement. At times, a spouse would just raise the white flag and give up and allow a spiteful partner to get the majority of their marital assets. In some cases, the couple refuse to settle and do not want to negotiate even with the smallest issue, and in the end they go through a long and expensive battle in court which can leave both of them close to bankruptcy.

 diy divorce

Divorce Without a Lawyer

Divorcing without a lawyer could practically eliminate legal fees. However, before going through a DIY divorce, there are a lot of things to consider. Before even considering going forward with the procedure, a spouse should decide whether or not he or she would trust his or her former partner, and if he or she can be totally honest with the other. Divorce without a lawyer is a procedure built on trust above all.

Then, after the trust issues have been settled, both parties need to determine if they agree on all issues. If they are in the middle of an amicable dissolution of their marriage, ending up with a settlement on contentious matters would be more realistic.

Being Honest and Trusting One Another

If they trust one another and are willing to reach a settlement, then they can go through their divorce without a lawyer. On the issue of trust, the couple have to really believe in each other that they are both completely divulging all income and assets that either of them have. If their assets are relatively small or simple, this is another indication that a divorce without an attorney is for them because their assets will be a lot easier to split.

One more matter they have to resolve is the issue regarding custody of their children. In such cases wherein children are involved, it is advisable to consider talking to a legal professional to help them with their intended custody and support agreement.

A DIY divorce is actually not for everyone. However, if the couple is fortunate enough to be in a situation wherein both of them are willing to talk; still trust one another; and their issues with assets, income, and children are quite simple, then they can file the divorce by themselves and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

The Real Causes of Domestic Violence

Sixty-four percent of women who have experienced domestic violence have heightened tendencies of having mental illness. Forty-eight percent underwent depression and 18 percent took their own lives. Some men who caused such irreversible experiences were able to excuse themselves from the punishments by claiming that the violence was due to mental illness or the influence of alcohol.

Are these claims right? What are the real causes of domestic violence?

Research shows that domestic violence is a result of the urge to be dominant and gain total control over one’s partner. This behavior is due to the sense of entitlement and male privilege given to them by the spreading inequality. More countries all over the world look up to men as the dominant ones. They are given the headship in families, national government, and religious groups. However, there can still be other causes.

A person’s biological makeup can influence the way he acts. It is believed that some people who practiced violence had changes in some of their brain regions because of trauma. Some of them had severe head injuries that give them a hard time dealing with impulsivity.

Other cases are caused by early childhood experiences. One study says that those who had histories of being battered as a child have higher chances of growing into hostile, anxious, insecure, and dependent adults. They are unable to develop trust or control their emotions, resulting to violence. This also has something to do with social learning and development. Even when they are not the ones being battered when they were younger, they still gain the tendency to be violent when they grow up if they develop the thinking that violence is a way to resolve a conflict. In this case, when a child often sees his father beating his mother up, he is more likely to practice domestic violence in the future.

A theory on the causes of domestic violence says that it can be a result of bad family interactions. Husband and wives do not talk about matters properly, leading to misunderstandings and mistrust.

causesWhile alcohol, drug abuse, and mental illnesses are often used as excuses, they are not valid. It was discovered that people influenced by alcohol or mental illnesses rarely have such tendency to abuse people physically. If they do, the situation should be analyzed. If they are selective on people they abuse — meaning, they only hurt family members or people who are close to them — it means that violence is their personal choice rather than the effect of a mental illness. If they abuse random people then it could be because of the mental illness.

So the question is: Are abusers out of control?

Abusers are aware of their actions. They keep in mind that they do those things to get what they want. This simply means they are in total control and not out of control.

Whatever the causes are, it is important not to ignore domestic violence. It is like a disease that should be controlled early to prevent wit is important not to ignore domestic violence. It is like a disease that should be controlled early to prevent orse situations from occurring. It could ruin dreams, break families apart, or even cost the lives of innocent people.

Protection for Wives: Restraining Order Injunctions

What can a wife do when her husband goes too far in practicing domestic violence? It is not easy to protect yourself from bad circumstances caused by an angry spouse but the law can help through a restraining order injunction.

temrestraining order

It is also called as an injunction against domestic violence. It is a court order that prevents the abuser from doing the same things to the abused and contacting her or coming near her. It can also move the abuser to take necessary steps such as leaving their shared residence and paying child support. It can also give the abused sole custody of her children.

This restraining order can help in more ways that those already mentioned. It will provide peace of mind to the abused because one would feel better knowing that the law is ready for backup. It also provides safety for the people around the abuser. They would be able to live a normal life without the threat of another act of violence. The children will be away from traumatic scenes as well.

When is a restraining order injunction given?

 The suspected abuser has to appear for a trial so that his side could be heard. He could present any evidence or witnesses to prove the claims are wrong. If he is proven guilty after a series of trial, a permanent restraining order injunction may be decided. If he does not appear when summoned by the court, it is as good as agreeing to the restraining order.

What if someone violates the injunction?

 The best thing to do is call the police. A violation of the injunction is a violation of the law. Just make sure you have a hard copy of the document and you are good to go. When the cops arrive, show them the document and tell them in detail everything that happened. You may also ask them to arrest the abuser.

 You may also have a sworn affidavit and an injunction report filed if the person does not get arrested even after you have called the police. The restraining order is valid no matter where you go so you should not worry about it even if you move to another location. If you want to be safer, you may call a domestic violence organization if you plan to move out of the state. Always make sure to bring the document wherever you go.

 Give copies of the injunction to people whom you are always with. Leave copies in your workplace, in your children’s school, in your home, and even in your vehicle. If possible, change your house’s lock, your phone number, and everything else that has something to do with your security.

domestic violenceDomestic violence is a major problem and should not be ignored. It is better to be protected. Once a restraining order is given, you are not only keeping yourself safe but also your children and all the members of your family and even your friends. If you do not feel too confident about filing it because of pity, keep in mind that keeping a person away from doing an illegal thing is also helping him.